10 Natural Home Remedies for Colon Cleanse

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Lots of people are becoming genuinely conscious of their wellbeing for the past several years. We’ve been awakened and now we now realize that health is really our wealth. Because of this, people started to be so innovative to locate techniques on what are classified as the cure as well as the doable answers on illnesses.

Colon is one of the major parts of our body, and it plays the essential role of removing our body waste. And since it is an important part of our body, we want to do everything to avoid colon defects that might lead to a more serious problem.

Several colon problems like colon cancer are due to the toxins in our colon that has not been removed. Because people are really born with such diseases, colon cleansing was born.

The method of colon cleansing has been discovered several years ago and until now it is still popular. There are now several methods on how to do colon cleansing.

A lot of spas are now offering colon cleansing services and there are also commercial products like pills that became a reason why colon cleansing gained popularity and has been recognized and patronized by a large number of people.

But then not all want to undergo colon cleansing because they think that this is too painful or harmful.

Nowadays, there are home remedies for natural colon cleanse  that has been developed and a lot of people are now engaged in it. Why? It is because it is more affordable and it is also proven effective by the people who have undergone it.

They said that home remedies for colon cleansing is good news to them because they don’t have to go to a spa or go to some health stores. Many ways of creating home remedies for colon cleansing has now been developed and introduced to people.

Magnesium oxide is a substance that is said to be effective and can really work as a colon cleansing home remedy. All you have to do is just mix it with water. This will release the oxygen in the intestine and allows the growth of good bacteria.

Eating vegetables and fruits, and drinking of at least six glasses of water daily can also be considered as best home remedies for colon cleansing. Fruits and vegetables contain fiber that really cleans the colon.

Drinking two quarts of drinking water mixed with two teaspoons of sea salt is no doubt one of the better home remedies for colon detoxification. Count on that you’d always proceed to the bathroom after drinking this. It will be more advisable if you search for a health practitioner if you experienced some discomfort after practicing these home cures for colon cleanse.

10 Natural home remedies for colon cleanse

Home Remedies For Colon Cleansing

The following are some of the top home remedies that you can try out for colon cleansing.

1. Lemon Juice    

Lemon is a powerful source of antioxidants and is very rich in Vitamin C. It is very good for the digestive system and is an ideal option that you can try out for colon cleansing.
• Take the juice of one lemon in a glass and then add a pinch of sea salt. Now, add a little bit of honey to this mixture.
• Pour lukewarm drinking water in this glass and mix well.
• Drink this mixture on empty stomach everyday in the morning.
• It will provide more energy, boost your bowel movement and is also good for your skin.
• You can also add two tablespoons of fresh lemon juice to a glass of apple juice and drink it three to four times a day. This will help in thinning out the mucous in the bowel.

2. Yoghurt  

Yoghurt or curd has antibacterial properties and provide your body with good and pro-biotic bacteria. It is also a rich source of calcium and will help in cutting down the growth of cells lining the colon.
• Yoghurt is very good to solve a lot of stomach related problems like: irregular bowel movements, indigestion, flatulence and many more.
• Eating two to three tablespoons of plain yoghurt every day will help in improving colon health.
• You can also eat yoghurt with fresh fruits like lime, banana, apple and so on to help improve colon health.

3. Apple Juice  

One of the well known home remedies for colon cleansing is fresh apple juice. You need to regularly take apple juice in order to maintain a healthy colon as it will help in improving bowel movements, aids in proper digestion, improves the functioning of the liver as well as breaks down toxins in your stomach.
• Kick start your day with a glass of unfiltered apple juice.
• After half an hour, you need to drink a glass of pure water.
• You need to follow this routine several timers throughout the day to carry out colon cleansing.
• It would be even better if you could drink a glass of prune juice in between.
• To get desired results, it is very important for you to drink freshly squeezed apple juice and that too juice extracted from organic apples.
• It is important for you to avoid taking in solid foods when you are opting for an apple juice remedy for colon cleansing.

4. Fiber Rich Foods

Foods that are rich in fiber will help in quick cleansing of the colon by removing the toxins from the colon. Fiber will help in easy bowel movement and will keep the stools soft. It will help the body to cleanse out the toxins from the stomach very easily. The following are the foods that you need to include in your diet to help in increasing fiber intake which will help in colon cleansing:
• Artichokes
• Broccoli      
• Peas
• Apples
• Pears
• Raspberries
• Whole grains
• Nuts
• Beans
• Seeds
• Cereals
• Flax seeds
• Oats

5. Water   

Drinking a lot of water is an easy and effective home remedy for colon cleansing. Regular intake of water will help the body to flush out all the harmful toxins and waste from your body naturally. Water will help in keeping your body stay hydrated and hence you need to drink water regularly to keep your body lubricated.
• Make sure that you drink at least 10 to 12 glasses of water every day.
• This will help in triggering the peristaltic action naturally and your colon will start to function in a normal manner very soon.

6. Sea Salt

One of the most effective ingredients that you can think for colon cleansing is sea salt. It will help in improving the bowel movement and will also remove the harmful toxins in your colon. The sea salt will help in easily removing accumulated fecal matter, parasites, bacteria and regular feces from the digestive system. Taking too much sea salt can result in diarrhea and hence it is important for you to take in a lot of water during this remedy.
• Add a tablespoon of sea salt in a glass of drinking water and bring it boil.
• Drink this solution either in warm or cold state first thing in the morning.
• After a few minutes you can lie down on your back and massage your stomach to your colon area gently to help in improving bowel movement.

7. Flaxseed      

Flax seed will help in cleansing your colon. It is a rich source of omega 3 fatty acids and has loads of natural fibers which will help in colon cleansing. It will help in absorbing water and expanding your colon. All the toxins and the mucus will be removed from your colon.
• Add a tablespoon of finely ground flax-seed to a glass of drinking water and mix it well.
• Drink this water half an hour before eating your breakfast as well as half an hour before going to bed every day to cleanse your colon and also get other health benefits.
• You can also add flaxseed powder in your daily dose of yoghurt or fruit or vegetable salad or other healthy foods for effective colon cleansing.

8. Ginger     

Ginger is another natural ingredient that you can use to improve the functioning of the colon and to remove harmful toxins and waste from your body. It will help in reducing the bloating of the stomach and also helps in improving digestion.
• Ginger can be consumed in any form like juice, cut pieces or in mashed state.
• Add a teaspoon of ginger juice with one teaspoon of honey and mix this in a glass of drinking water.
• Consume this mixture two to three times a day to flush out toxins and waste from your colon and to make your colon healthy.
• Adding ginger to herbal tea or green tea will also help in colon cleansing effectively.

9. Aloe Vera  

Aloe Vera is loaded with detoxification features and works as an effective colon cleanser. Aloe Vera is not just known to improve colon health but is also very effective to treat skin problems, constipation, diarrhea and headache.
• Extract the gel from the Aloe Vera leaves. To this gel add the juice of a lemon.
• Mix well and then blend this in a blender to get fine juice.
• Keep this Aloe Vera juice in the fridge for three to four hours.
• Drink this juice several times a day as this will help in improving the health of the colon.

10. Vegetable Juice    

If you are looking for colon cleansing, then it is important for you to stay away from processed foods and cooked foods for two days. It is ideal for you to only depend on fresh vegetable juice for a day or two to improve bowel movement and also to cleanse the colon.
• Switch over to a fresh vegetable juice diet for a couple of days if you are looking to cleanse your colon.
• Drink fresh vegetable juice several times a day as it contains vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino acids and sugar that will help in improving bowel movement and to keep your body healthy.
• Make sure that you only consume freshly prepared vegetable juices.

Are you looking to cleanse your colon? Do you want to know the natural and simple home remedies that you can try out to cleanse your colon? Well, all you need is to try out some of the above mentioned simple home remedies to help in colon cleansing without any side effects.Top 10 Foods To Cleanse Colon