Apple Cider Vinegar Benefits

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Apple Cider Vinegar Benefits


If you ever feel like you need a fresh start, then apple cider vinegar can help you.  By adding apple cider vinegar into your diet you can remove toxins from the body. Thanks to its antibiotic properties apple cider vinegar can also assist with any digestion problems you may have.

Also get shiny hair, that glowy skin, and lose excess fat easily WITHIN your reach.
BUT it starts with understanding your body and using those remedies that ACTUALLY give you results.
This means that if you understand what you need to use for specific issues on your body, or what remedy helps you achieve better digestion or eliminate fat on your tummy – then you have already taken the first step towards experiencing success!

Itchy Skin                            

No need to have a draw full of lotions. Apple cider vinegar can help with itchy skin and balance your PH levels. Combine apple cider vinegar with cornstarch and sure the paste on itchy areas and instantly feel the relief from itchying.

Wart Remover

Try apple cider vinegar as a wart remover before going through a painful treatment at the dermatologist. Apply apple cider vinegar to your wart and watch it slowly disappear. Like many natural remedies, give it some time but will fall off.

Weed Killer                                                  

Combine apple cider vinegar, salt and soap take it outside. This natural alternative with a great choice to kill weeds and get your yard looking its best.

Odor Neutralizer

Have a funky smell you can’t get rid of? Then apple cider vinegar to the rescue. Fill a bowl with apple cider vinegar, place it on the counter, and smell the odor magically disappear. Also, add a splash of liquid soap and catch those pesky fruit flies too.


It may not sound contradictory but apple cider vinegar also works as a deodorant. After it dries, this vinegar can be used under your arms to fight off odour.


Fade down that ugly purple bruise with apple cider vinegar. It will begin to help the color fade and also acts as an anti-inflammatory.

Facial Cleanser                       

Applying apple cider vinegar to your face can keep your acne under control. Dilute it with some water, apply it to your face, and it will help those embarrassing breakouts.

Weight Loss

Since apple cider vinegar regulates your digestion, it also increases your metabolism. Try apple cider vinegar if you are trying to lose weight and watch your appetite reduce.


Apple cider vinegar can really benefit those with diabetes. Type 2 diabetes causes high blood sugar and that can be lowered by a couple of sips of apple cider vinegar.

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