Anton (Lithuania)

“Wow is how I will describe this system. I’ve moved up to the advance level (A.P.T.N.T) & I have to say I feel much stronger, I’m more lean with definition, & I have lots more energy…& let’s just say my wife is liking this system for me as well.”









Daniela (Italy)

“What I like about your system is the fact that I can do it @ home, indoors or outside. Also its like having a personal trainer for 1/3 of the cost. When I get home from work, I take care of my children & after I just don’t feel like driving to the gym. Its way to busy & frankly I don’t like the machines. I’ve seen more results in one month with your system than I’ve ever had from the gym. I’ve moved up to bikini body now, & I can’t wait for the beach season. I will keep you posted with my results.”



Sammy & Marc
(Ontario Soccer Champions)

Sammy: “Brother… Marc & I have been sharing your A.P.T.N.T. System & working out together, & not only are the girls loving the results but our play on the field has improved. We won Ontario’s (soccer) this year for the first time playing in this league now for 5years. Coincidence, I think not! I like that you have a mixed martial arts(MMA) section. I’m definitely checking that out next. I’m thinking of joining an MMA club before I head back to University.”




“I have the opportunity to work with Ray one on one, but because of my profession I can only see him once a week. He suggested to try his quick program generator for the days I workout on my own. Honestly its perfect for my lifestyle,& I feel like I’m still getting trained by him. I’m seeing great results, & my ego has sky-rocketed with all the compliments I get on a daily. Now I’m using the tight glutes generator which still works my full body, but puts emphasis on my lower areas… I’m addicted. I had to make a conscious choice to do something to change my lifestyle that wasn’t going to change by itself, & now I’m so glad I tried.”

Carrie (Canada)


Anastassia: “Being a young dancer takes a lot of hard work & time. Anton & I are constantly practising to stay ahead of the competition. I started feeling back pain & my mom suggested a personal trainer to help with my core. I honestly have to say since using the split body program i feel like wonder woman!”

Anton: “I never knew anything about working out, or core strength, agility, etc., etc., but I now realize that I am an athlete & I should train like one. I’m selfishly hoping that our competition does not get a hold of this lol … we definitely have the edge heading to the world championships in England.”

Anastassia / Anton
(Canadian Dance Champions)


Goal – Increase lean/endurance: 6lbs of muscle

Duration: 3.5 months

When i was introduced to Ray through a friend, i was sceptical about how he was going to help me get to my goal when i felt like i plateaued and most trainers where putting me through the same routines. I needed to gain muscle and increase my strength and endurance to prepare myself for my police physical exam (P.R.E.P). The workouts were very challenging, but amazing. It helped me get to my goal and i’m happy to say I passed my Test with ease. I could not have done it without Ray. He has built my confidence and now i feel like there is nothing i can’t accomplish.

**Congratulations Irina on passing your (ATS)P.R.E.P.**



Weight lost: 52 lbs

“I started training with Ray Since March 2010, and all I can say is it has been a life changing experience. After having three children, and putting my needs and health aside to raise them, I pretty much gave up. I have attempted a few trainers prior to Ray, but due to their tactics of not knowing my limits and not caring, I was easily discouraged and eventually quit the training. Ray, on the other hand, is not only is an excellent trainer, but also an incredible source of motivation--that is the key to someone who has been struggling with their weight their whole life. His passion to make me reach my goals is evident by his knowledge for what is best my body type and his encouraging words. The training provided incredible results--within weeks, my body started improving and my attitude towards physical health started to change positively. Almost a year later, I am a new and improved person with his help. Not only did I shed an excessive amount of weight, but I also gained confidence and will-power. Thank you, Ray, for opening this incredible door in my life and I am truly blessed that we crossed paths.”

Goal – Maintenance: BF dropped 2%, 2lb lean increase

Ray has been my personal trainer for over one year and I am so happy with
my results since I began training with him. Through a comprehensive
assessment, Ray was able to determine my fitness strengths and weaknesses
and together we determined attainable fitness goals. The sessions are
designed to build core strength, increase endurance and balance, and
overall toning.

One of the things I appreciate about training with Ray is that the
sessions are challenging yet varied and fun which helps to keep me
motivate. He use different modalities, innovative techniques and truly
customizes the program to meet my specific needs. He is very encouraging
and helps me push myself to get the most out of each work-out.

I highly recommend Ray because of his knowledge, training expertise,
energy and commitment to his clients’ achievement of their goals.


Gained 8lbs of muscle

“I have been training with Ray since August 2010, and with his help I have transformed my
body. Working out with Ray is great, because he pushes me beyond my limit. When I first started,
the workouts were a struggle for me & I could hardly ever finish the sets. After spending a short
amount of time with Ray, everything that was difficult almost became effortless, and my body felt much
stronger. Six months later, my body is toned, and my muscles kept building. For anyone who wants to feel
great about their body and themselves, I highly recommend them to train with Ray.”







Weight lost: 35 lbs

“I had both of my knees replaced about 5 years ago and while I was comparatively pain free,
I was not walking upright and my balance was considerably off. I was hesitant about walking
on the streets because I was afraid of tripping and falling. My family was deeply concerned
for my well-being and introduced me to Ray about a year ago. Since meeting with Ray regularly,
I have become much more confident and dropped more than 30 lbs. Above all, my balance and
walking have improved immeasurably &mdash I no longer hesitate to go on trips and walking tours and
everyone I know cannot believe the change in me both in appearance and mobility. My achievements
are all thanks to Ray. His upbeat disposition and encouragement have made a huge difference in
my life. He has enabled me to enjoy my training sessions with him all the while knowing that my safety
is of utmost importance. Since I am a very mature person, you can understand that safety
is very important to me. Thank you, Ray!!!”



Sevan progressing

Working with Ray has been an “experience”. I’ve done exercises that I wouldn’t have imagined I would be doing in !00 years. He was able to properly access me, figure out my strengths and weaknesses, and in return I could see my body changing. Also I was getting stronger, more flexible and Agile! Love my progression, thanks Ray!

Sevan K


Levi’s workouts

Thanks Coach! you’re Awesome!