10 Health Benefits of Aloe Vera

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You’ve probably seen it all over shampoo bottles in the store, but what exactly is aloe vera? Well, essentially it is a plant that is used in a lot of cosmetics products, but it can be used for medicinal purposes as well. You’ll find aloe vera supplements as well as makeups, lotions, and potions. It’s a spiny plant that is rich in nutrients, antioxidants, and moisture making it ideal for the skin and for natural beauty products. These top 10 health benefits of aloe vera will explain exactly why the plant is so popular, not just in the cosmetics industry, but amongst natural medicine enthusiasts.

1. It does wonders for your hair and skin

When you use aloe vera moisturizers and shampoos, what benefits are you getting? Primarily, you are giving your hair and skin quite a large vitamin and mineral boost. Aloe vera contains a huge amount of vitamins including vitamin A, B1, B2, B3, B6, C, and E. It’s also rich in choline and folic acid, all of which help the skin regenerate and stay healthy and keep your hair stay strong. The minerals in aloe vera are abundant as well, with calcium, iron, potassium, copper, manganese, selenium, sodium, chromium, and many more all coming in natural aloe vera products and extracts. If you want beautiful skin, you can’t go wrong with aloe vera.

2. It assists with your protein intake

Protein is essential in the body for creating new cells and aloe vera is packed full of amino acids which are essential for the creation of proteins. Within aloe vera extracts, you’ll find more than 20 different amino acids that can help with the formation of bone, organ tissue, skin, and more.

3. It keeps your blood healthy

With so many unhealthy foods available from shopping malls and grocery stores these days, it’s easy for our blood to become clogged up with fat and plaque. Aloe vera is a natural defender of the blood providing the body with three different plant sterols. These are fatty acids that protect the blood, particularly HCL, which is a good cholesterol that reduces the amount of fat within the blood. Not only do these fatty acids protect the blood, but they can also reduce the effects of some allergies.

4. It can improve digestion

Poor digestion not only means that your body isn’t getting all the nutrients it needs, it can often cause gastrointestinal discomfort and even cause a number of diseases. For this reason it’s essential for you to take an interest in how well your body digests food. As an adaptogen, aloe vera can help those who have irritable bowel syndrome, it can help relieve constipation, and it can even help stop diarrhea. Essentially, aloe vera is incredibly effective at managing digestion and helping regularity in much the same way as fiber. Help your body out and begin using aloe vera supplements and you’ll find that you benefit from all the nutrients your body can now absorb.

5. It’s great for a detox

Planning on a detox? Aloe vera is gelatinous which means that it is able to move through your intestines and gut more slowly and along the way it absorbs all the toxins that your body doesn’t want. Naturally, the body will get rid of these toxins by itself, but they can cause irritation along the way. Aloe vera can help speed up and improve the effectiveness of a detox.

6. It keeps your heart healthy

As well as being great for the blood, studies have shown that aloe vera is fantastic for the heart as well. Research has shown time and time again that those who have aloe vera in their system enjoy better oxygen transportation throughout the body. This helps the heart as well as all the other organs in the body. The studies involved injecting aloe vera directly into the blood, but the same effect can be achieved by using aloe vera extracts on a long term basis.

7. It disinfects

Aloe vera can help avoid infections internally and externally thanks to its antibacterial qualities. It is a natural bacteria killer meaning it’s fantastic for helping get rid of infections inside your body and can be used as a natural cleaner on your hands and skin. Surprisingly, it’s just as effective in treating viruses, too–so, if you’re suffering from a viral infection, aloe vera is just the thing to help speed up your recovery. You can even use aloe vera extracts on fungal infections. Be sure to source natural aloe vera lotions and use them on external fungal infections if you want the best result.

8. It reduces inflammation

Aloe vera can reduce inflammation of the tissue and joints making it ideal for those who suffer with conditions like arthritis or any other disease or problem that causes stiffness in the body. While aloe vera will not be able to cure the conditions that cause inflammation and stiffness, it can make living with these conditions much easier. Talk to your doctor about medication and be sure to use aloe vera as a supplementary medicine.

9. It helps you lose weight

It improves your digestion, as mentioned, which means that weight loss can be achieved more easily. This is a result of your body being more efficient when it comes to breaking down all the compounds within your food ensuring that it gets all the best bits and can easily get rid of the toxins and bad substances it doesn’t want. By detoxifying your bowels, aloe vera leaves you feeling more energetic which makes it even easier to lose weight.

10. It’s easy to come by

Finally, aloe vera is seriously easy to come by. Whether you’re looking for a supplement to